A winter sonata

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageComing from a tropical island with no seasons, I’m always amazed by the bronze, amber and yellow falling autumn leaves, the mysterious swirly fog (well the smog that blows through from Indonesia doesn’t count!), blooming spring flowers and heady lavender scents. The snow capped mountains and wintry landscapes are the most special to me. I can’t help but feel so tiny standing in a vast, white soft field of… Nothing. Everything feels clean, pure and quiet in winter.

Making Christmas cards on a rainy day

We went to a friend’s house tonight for a pizza and card making session. 3 year olds’ attention span is pretty short, so we only managed to embark on one project on our list… For 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, it was something fun to do on a rainy night when all the dads were away on business trips. My son really enjoyed using the scissors and spreading glitter glue all over his cards, and fingers. Whilst the kids lay down to watch cartoons on the television after their brief craft time, I tried my hand at making some simple cards of my own.


An assortment of magazines, colored papers, coloring pencils, stamps, ribbons and glitter glue for the kids to work with. And also a magic pony to provide some creative ideas to Sophia.


Keyn doing his paper collage


Timmy using the stamp with a Santa Claus image on it before covering all his fingers with ink.



My creations




Kids’ masterpieces – the red and yellow upright ones belong to Timmy


Well-deserved treat after their craft work.