My bizarre pre-natal obsession

Eeeeks! Has it really been more than 5 months since I last wrote a blog entry here?

20121013-181759.jpgThe timing of my self-imposed break from social media coincides with the first time I picked up ’50 Shades of Grey’ from the local bookshop, and then Part 2 and Part 3 a day later. Many pregnant women have food cravings; I, on the other hand, acquired an insatiable reading craving that borderlined on being insanely obsessive-compulsive.

To date, I have purchased 16 new books and 63 e-books, many of which I’ve read more than once. At least I’ve been feeding my mind rather than my waistline or spending money on retail therapy, I justified to myself. Although genres like teen fantasy, science fiction, mommy porn and historical romance can’t exactly be considered intellectually stimulating… (I did note that many female writers of mommy porn have credible degrees and spectacular day jobs; some are full-time mums who no doubt, after giving a good decade of their lives to cooking and hanging laundry, have decided that there are better use for whipped cream and clothespins)

I do have to thank my husband and my little 4 year old Timmy for being so understanding, and giving me the time and space to indulge in my obsession. Every time we walk past a bookshop, little Timmy would point to the familiar black and white book cover hogging the top 10 bestsellers shelf and shout “Mummy’s book! That’s Mummy’s book!”. I’ve been lugging my books on our summer holidays in Denmark and Italy too and reading through the wee hours of the night.

Then again, I think the obsessive compulsive gene runs thick in our family. Alan is always on Youtube checking out the latest car test-drives and watching re-reruns of Top Gear and The 5th Gear. He alternates between his car interest and reading tabloid news on Daily Mail and The Sun to keep himself up to date on important events plaguing the entertainment world. Little Timmy is now obsessed with Mickey Mouse and will only wear clothes with an image of the mouse, has an infatuation with Minnie Mouse, and carries his Mickey Mouse stuff toy everywhere he goes. (He actually wanted Minnie Mouse stuff toy and pink clothes with Minnie’s image on it)

We are now counting down the last 20 days before my pregnancy ends and maybe I would have weaned off my reading obsession. Our family will have a new shared interest – indulging and loving and having lots of fun with the baby!