Surreal Beauty of Switzerland

We fell in love with a little quaint, quiet town Andermatt in canton Uri and have been coming back in winter for the past 4 years and recently in summer for hikes, bike rides through the furka pass and Rock climbing too. I did 2 paintings recently of surreal scenes in this mountainous region.

Spider-Man in the making

Last September my husband decided on a whim to bring my 7 year old son rock climbing even though he has no experience scaling any walls himself. The via Ferrata – diavolo, or ‘the devil’s climb’ in Andermatt in canton Uri is actually a pretty exciting n relatively easy rock face for beginners, as long as you have no fear of heights, have a strong resistance to chilly winds and of course appropriate climbing attire. See my husband’s attire for ‘what not to wear for climbing a rough rock face with a 90% probability of tripping over your own feet and face planting’.