Singapore Pride

Coming back to Singapore close to her 50th birthday is an extra special experience. We went to the Clifford Pier area to watch a part of the National Day parade rehearsal, and I must say, the government’s really gone all out for this year’s Jubilee celebrations.

I overheard a local complaining, “Wah, this year’s fireworks cost more than half a beeeeeeeee-llllion dollars leh. Wasting so much tax payers’ money!”

For all its quirks, idiosyncracies and ever-present whiners (we are a nation of complainers), I am really proud of how beautiful and modern our young country is.

From the lush greenery peppered throughout the concrete jungle, the state-of-the-art skyscrapers an architectural visual treat, the kids’ water play areas in many tourist attractions and shopping malls, the myriad of international arts and music bigwigs showcased at our theatres, the powers-at-play has tried to make our island a little more liveable, a little more human, and have a little bit more soul for its 4-5 million residents.

Like what our beloved drag queen Kumar said at his stand-up comedy show I watched last week, Singaporeans need to travel more and live overseas to appreciate and be thankful for what we have. Other countries, emerging and developed, can only dream of having our accomplishments in their much longer lifetimes. Then again, they didn’t have someone like our late Prime Minister/Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away early this year, to blaze the path with his take-no-prisoners attitude.

Highlights of the parade: amazing air and naval military display with the beautiful Singapore Flyer, the Art&Science Museum and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel as our backdrop. When the fireworks start, the backdrop was transformed, with a kaleidescope of jeweled sequins mirrored on the 3 towers of the hotel.

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