I’m finally getting my personal blog up and running again. The first proper one was on the social media platform ‘friendster’ about 7 years ago, probably defunct when Facebook became THE social media platform most people are connected on. I was then a flight attendant, and being up in the air stuck with thousands of people and travelling to different countries provided me with much interesting material to blog about. The most memorable anecdotes were those about getting lost with a few colleagues in Italy because we couldn’t quite figure out the train routes; dealing with manners-modern equipment n toilet facilities-challenged passengers and forging surrendipitous friendships over bad karaoke, late night hotel room binge-drinking and  yummy dim sums.

Whilst I was busy figuring out the whole business of motherhood, wifehood and learning to live without the creature comforts and family support in a new environment the past few years, creative writing  has once again taken a backseat. Firstly, i was afraid that it will simply become a ranting outlet about the gazillionth nappy I have to change and the gazillionth time I have to tell my hubby to throw out the trash. Secondly, everyone wants to read about flight attendants and their sexy escapades Pan Am-style; who would want to look at an uploaded picture of my son getting his toenails clipped?

My resolution for the new year is to allow myself to see inspiration, joy and the funny in every experience, no matter how mundane it can be. Because, there might actually be gazillion creative ways to get the hubby to throw out the trash. I want to paint more, bake more, travel and read more, and learn how to be a better daughter, mother, wife and friend.

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